Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Cooking with Marmite - Marmite Rarebit

Hi friends!

Ok, ok....my German furends are shaking their heads at me for taking so long about it......se here we go....

My special BF (Bunny Friend) from twitter Miss Fluffy the Fluffy recently sent me some lovely presents from the UK and from her trip to Germany. These included some Marmite samples and...a Marmite COOKBOOK! Miss Fluffy knows I like to cook so this is such a fun surprise.

Here is my first cooking adventure with Marmite - Marmite Rarebit. It's a very bear friendly recipe (for the most part) so go ahead Anipals - kick the hoomins out of the kitchen and give it a try.....

There's been a bit of talk on twitter about Vegemite (the Aussie Land version) versus Marmite. I was a little bit nervous about trying Marmite 'cause I really REALLY don't like Vegemite! Guess that's why I picked a recipe with lots of other elements to hide that Marmite taste...heehee. Marmite looks a bit different from Vegemite - it's more runny for starters....

...and it's really glossy...

Ok, let's cook! First you need to toast a nice slice of bread. Butter it and spread it with Marmite. Like I said - I was a bit nervous so I only used a teeny bit of Marmite.....

Then sprinkle a bit of grated cheese and a dash of worcestershire sauce over the top and stick it under the grill to melt.
While that's happening, poach an egg and when the cheese on your toast is melted, lay the egg over the top.

Don't tell my Mumma Bear it took me three attempts to get a good looking poached egg. Hey, I've never done it before! And I'm a bear!! Maggie Puppy was happy to get the 2 misfits :)

And there you have it friends - Marmite Rarebit!
Only one thing left to do..... nom nom nom....

Bill xx

And a little post script....did I like it?
Well, a picture says a thousand words.....



  1. I'll definitely be making this- it looks super nommy! Everything tastes better with a poached egg on top- even pizza!

  2. Oh Bill, that is a great cooking adventure. I'm particularly impressed by the poached egg. My only reservation is whether there is actually any MARMITE in you MARMITE rarebit. Very nice blog though.

    Lots of love from Fluffy the Fluffy xxx BFFL xxx

  3. Thanks Jeremy and Fluffy. There IS Marmite Fluffy - just a teeny bit. Really quite brave seeing how I think VEGEMITE is yurk! Having lived to tell the tale, I'll definitely be using more next time :)