Friday, 14 June 2013

OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS - A Hawaiian Surprise from Tour Guide Ted

Hello friends!

I was very excited when my Twitter Friend Tour Guide Ted asked for my address so he could send me a little surprise from HawaiiTour Guide Ted is a world travelling bear with the coolest travel website ever and he has just returned from a trip to the Hawaiian Islands (lucky Ted!) Now of course I played it cool - wouldn't want to look TOO excited.....

Then this morning - a parcel arrived!! By ROYAL MAIL! At first I thought maybe the Queen of England was sending me mail......

But no - it was FAR more exciting than that....

Bears LOVE parcels! Especially padded ones that are so cuddly.....

After a little parcel cuddle, I had a peek inside....

Mmmmmmm....smells nice in there! Lets tip it out and see.......

Tour Guide Ted has sent me a lei
and a Kona Coffee & Macadamia chocolate bar
and MACADAMIA Hersheys Kisses
I'm so impressed that my friend has his own business card - doesn't he look handsome and professional!
He even sent me a postcard of his Holiday Villa in Florida....I know where I'll be booking if I ever get to that part of the world!!

Now, I'm (usually) a nice bear who shares....well, SOMETIMES! Here I am with my friend (and lawyer) Sir Wolfgang von Heiffen Steiffen. We're having a Hawaiian Tea Party!

Ok, just one thing left to do, actually TWO.
Firstly - THANK YOU TOUR GUIDE TED - I have to shout because he lives really really far away and I don't have Twitter on at the moment.
Ok, NOW there's just one thing left to do....nom nom nom

Bill xx

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